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Southwest Speed Festival

Drift Demo

Drift Demo

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Southwest Speed Fest is proud to announce that there will be drift sessions available during the event! As part of the larger festivities, drifting will be on display during the evening hours and allow spectators to see and experience high speed road course style drifting on Arizona’s freshest piece of motorsport pavement!

SWSF is asking that all drivers fill out this application for registration. We are the first group to formally drift on the road course and must treat it with the utmost respect in order to keep a good relationship with the track and have potential for future dates. Our team will be reviewing each application prior to sending out a confirmation / payment request.  Payment must be received to confirm application.   Price will be $250, due on approval.

This is a rare opportunity and we will have strict rules around on-track/off-track behavior. We understand the nature of drifting and that cars can drop a tire off the edge of the track. This is brand new specially formulated asphalt and there is a lot of sensitivity around damaging it. If you are about to go off-track, straighten out and get off the throttle. There is no glory in dirt dropping, burnouts, or harming the track. The only reward will be getting kicked out. We are in their home, treat it with respect and we will get invited back.

Tech inspections will mimic NASA HPDE tech. Further info to come, if you have questions on anything specific, please reach out. Roll cages with door bars required for tandem.

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